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Electronic waste, also known as e-waste or e-scrap, is the terminology used to describe obsolete, unused, end-of-life or inoperable electronics devices such as computers, monitors, laptops, cell phones and more. This equipment is usually entering its secondary life cycle through resale or donation, or it is being discarded entirely. E-waste recycling services are important part of every company’s asset management strategy, so choosing a reputable company to perform this service is critical.

Asset Recovery

We offer efficient Asset Recovery and Recycling Programs. A perfectly effective way for any size business and organizations to remove retired technology assets from their location. Computer Surplus Solutions has extensive solutions to meet your needs.

Data Destruction

Whether your computer is at home and contains personal, financial, confidential information, or your organization stores records containing trade secrets, health, financial banking, or other confidential and classified information the destruction of your data should be your priority.


E-waste recycling services are becoming a greater and greater need as the age of technology progresses. There are many companies claiming to provide e-waste recycling services, yet few are equipped to provide full service recycling services like E-recycle USA.