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Computer Recycling Riverside

Computer Surplus Solutions provides your business with E-recycling (electronic recycling) for Riverside County. We want to help your business get rid of the e-waste that’s been building up. Living in one of the largest counties in California the need for e-waste removal grows higher and higher each year.

318,678 is the population of Riverside, CA and still growing. With being such a large part of California, it is imperative to lead by example and we want to help your Riverside Company do just that. When we reuse the materials all these electronics are made of we do the planet a great justice. You can also do your part by getting environmentally safe products that have the Energy Star sticker on it. Don’t hesitate call us today to take care of all e-recycling wants and needs. Our company offers free e-recycling pickups for 15 items or more.

The earth purges its self all the time so let us help her out by doing the same. There are over 50 million tons of electronic waste being disposed of every year around the world. Most people don’t know that, today there is only 12% of e-waste recycled. Computer Surplus Solutions wants to increase that number by helping your business do its part.

Being that it is illegal in California to discard electronics. The best solution is to Call CSS (Computer Surplus Solutions) we are your local riverside e-recycling company. When e-waste ends up in trash that goes to landfills there is no good outcome.

All those toxic materials they are made with can get into our air, water and plants causing horrible pollution. It has some of the most harmful materials like, chromium, lead and cadmium that can caused very bad illnesses if not properly disposed of.

Other companies say they are equipped to take on any e-recycling job, but many have tried and failed to deliver on there promises. Our team here at Computer Surplus Solutions in Riverside will always back up what we offer and have the paperwork to prove it. We make it easier than ever to discard all of your e-waste. Your business will receive our services customized to all of your e-waste needs, whether it be a onetime pickup or a monthly arrangement. Having all that e-waste cutter is a headache waiting to happen, let CSS be the remedy to your e-waste problems.