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Computer Recycling Los Angeles

Computer Surplus Solutions in Los Angeles California has been making the world a better place for years now. We offer computer recycling all over Los Angeles. With technology moving at such a high speed, more and more electronics are becoming extinct. Let CSS (Computer Surplus Solutions) in Los Angeles help your business be ahead of the curve.

With our dedicated team of professional in the e-recycling business, you won’t have to worry about discarding your unusable electronics in the wrong way. Since California passed a law against improperly disposing of e-waste, like monitors, towers and more, it is crucial to call on your local e-waste experts here at CSS. When we reuse the materials all these electronics are made of we do the planet a great justice. Don’t hesitate call us today to take care of all e-recycling wants and needs.

Our company offers free e-recycling pickups for 15 items or more. Our team here at Computer Surplus Solutions in Riverside will always back up what we offer and have the reputation to prove it. Other companies say they are equip to take on any e-recycling job, but many have tried and failed to deliver on there promises.

Los Angeles has over 3 million people here and that number keeps growing. So it is safe to say that the need for e-waste solutions is in abundant. CSS not only does e-recycling for businesses in Los Angeles, we can take on any job small or large. There are over 45 million tons of e-waste needing to be disposed across the world but only 12% of it actually gets recycled. With over 70% of e-waste going into our landfills causing so much damage to not only our air but our plants and water supply too.

Having all those hazardous materials from phones, laptops and mobile devices go in to our landfills will not only hurt the planet but everything living on it as well. Another way to help your business progress into the future of technology, is to purchase office equipment with the Energy Star logo on them.

Your business will receive our services customized to all of your e-waste needs, whether it be a onetime pickup or a monthly arrangement. CSS (Computer Surplus Solutions) in Los Angeles will help your home or company get rid of all that unwanted clutter. We are your trusted and local e-recycling team.